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Our specialized data & social communication management platforms provide the tools you need to optimize ad performance, increase traffic and stay on top of your digital marketing efforts.

Easy Data Visualization, Targeting & Management


AudienceOne® is one of Japan’s largest proprietary data management platform (DMP), developed by the D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC). It develops audience intelligence and builds specific audience segments for the targeted marketing campaigns.

If you’d like to know more about AudienceOne®, email us at hr@datascience.com.vn or contact any of our offices nearest to you.

Key features of AudienceOne®:

  • Visualization of demographic information

Visualize clustered audience data by age, gender, residence and work location. Targeting ad delivery based on the clustered audience data is possible.

  • User analysis based on keywords

Visualize searched words, search activities on various sites, lifestyles and preferences of visitors.

  • Collaboration with ad serving solutions

The data from AudienceOne® can be collaborated with ad serving solutions including MarketOne® and others to serve ads effectively to users.

Tag Management

AudienceOne®’s one-time addition of tags enables management of all tags from the dashboard.

Segment Overlapping

Analyse and report overlapping segments/ keyword groups/ categories of users, to effectively target users.

URL Mapping

Data structure can be aligned to site tree structure with easy to setup URL mapping.

Attribute Reports

Reporting on user attributes based on categories/ keyword groups/ segments, such as gender, age, home and work address, OS and browser.

Audience Extension

Extend audience targeting based on segment overlap on other sites.

LPO Tool Integration

Integrate data with external Landing Page Optimization (LPO) tools to effectively optimize the landing pages according to demographics, preference and other conditions.

and many more…