Java Web Developer


  • Bring data, implement bidding to about 50 media including Google, Yahoo, etc. via API: Google (GKT, GDN), Yahoo (YDN, YSS), etc.
  • Download report (3TB big data) from media API (SOAP, REST) ​​daily, hourly and save to Data Warehouse
  • From the big data above, calculate and compute reports (statistics, predictions) for advertisers and directly to customers (report types can include CSV, Excel, Tableau (BI)), self export 5000 reports per day.
  • Based on the client’s budget, create alerts if the prediction does not achieve the required KPI.
  • Important keyword: Big data (3TB Big Query volume, 300 million keywords), big impact (advertising costs: 100 million USD / month), adtech, BI, AI
  • Main technologies:
    • Java Spring, Mybatis, Javascript Vuejs, Python, Go, Shell script
    • Mysql, Sql Server (Analysis Service)
    • Pentaho, Outsystems, Mod99, Fluxengine, Questetra, Docurain, Tableau
    • GCP: GCE, GKE, GAE, GCS, BigQuery, Cloud Sql, Dataflow, Composer, PubSub, StackDriver, Cloud Endpoint, Cloud Task, etc.


  • Proficient (3+ years) in working with Spring Framework (Spring MVC, SpringBoot, Java 8+)
  • Experienced in SOAP, REST
  • Proficient with Vue.js
  • Proficient with MySQL, SQL Server, Google BigQuery
  • Experienced with Google Cloud Platform (GCP: GCE, GAE, GKE, PubSub, Cloud Function,…)
  • Proficient in using Git (Feature flow, Fork flow)
  • Experienced with system integrator, technical consulting 
  • Experience in Team Lead, Project manager


  • Logical thinking is good, love working with big systems, especially Big data
  • Good at communication, catching up new technical, writing report in English or Japanese
  • Ability to work teamwork as well as work independently
  • Ability to work under high pressure on deadlines as well as product quality
  • Ability to be well and proactive in work, has a high sense of responsibility to complete the assigned work


  • Salary: Up to 2000$ (14+ months per year)
  • Fully covered all types of insurance as prescribed. In addition, purchase a comprehensive health insurance package for employees
  • Annual resort, team building, happy hour
  • Young, friendly and comfortable environment to ensure the best for staff life: free tea, coffee, milo, shrimp noodles, cup, umbrella, raincoat, etc.
  • Bonus twice / year
  • Trained in Japanese, soft skills
  • Trained knowledge, relevant skills about Big data related to the project
  • Working time: 8:00 – 17:00 (Monday – Friday), Saturday – Sunday and holidays, Tet in accordance with Vietnam Labor Law
  • To be considered to adjust salary / level once per year depending on work performance and capacity


DAC Data Science Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Address: 2A floor, Hong Kong Tower, 243A De La Thanh, Lang Thuong, Dong Da, Ha Noi, Viet Nam


Phone: (+84) 24 6294 1359

Candidates please send English CV and Email subject line should be clearly specified the application position.